Personalized Staff Suggestions

Personalized Staff Suggestions

Not sure what to read, watch, or listen to? We’re here to help.

Select a staff member below to ask for a recommendation, and we’ll take it from there!


Lover of sci-fi and fantasy for all ages. My specialties are time travel and magical realism. Fan of Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who. I also read a lot of historical mysteries. In non-fiction I tend to gravitate toward how-to and self-help but no topic is off limits. I’m a big retro nerd, whether it be video games, toys or furniture. I love old things and old houses. My mission in life is to own a crumbling, old mansion complete with my very own ghost and a secret passage.


I love everything, but my favorites are quirky fiction in all genres, nonfiction history books, graphic novels, and horror movies. The weirder the better.  I listen to any and all music.


English major turned librarian.

For books: classic literature (all nationalities), thrillers, and YA/middle-grade.

For movies/TV shows: crime dramas, sitcoms, page-to-screen adaptations, action/adventure, animated children’s.

For music: Christian music, pop, soundtracks/scores.


I love sushi, character development, and Star Wars. My favorite childhood nursery rhyme was the theme from Cheers, and I stand by that. I always up for solving a mystery, bonus points if it takes place in a sleepy Maine town, and I firmly believe that A Muppet Christmas Carol is the best adaptation of the Dickens classic. My top three Marvel movies are Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel, and pop culture gives me a lot of feelings in general. I don’t like ketchup, but mustard is pretty much the bee’s knees.


A nerd who just wants everybody to end up happily ever after. I read and watch widely, but prefer romance novels; Star Wars-esque space opera; British humor; fluffy mysteries; books written for teens; adventure stories like Harry Potter, Dactyl Hill Squad, and Rick Riordan Presents; and almost anything they show on Masterpiece Theater on PBS. I love reading #OwnVoices books. #WeNeedDiverseBooks


I love to read, especially historical fiction and psychological thrillers. I am also a fan of nonfiction such as biographies, true crime, and self- help books and podcasts.


My reading interests are quite varied. I read anything from your basic fiction to historical romance to fantasy. I also tend to read a lot of inspirational fiction as well. If I had to choose, I would say my tastes lean towards fantasy but one of my all time favorite book series is in inspirational historical romance series. So as I said…very varied. I’ll read anything from older children’s chapter to young adult to your standard adult fiction. The only areas I’m not as familiar with are westerns and mysteries, but I do and will read both, I just don’t read them as often. However, I do not read graphic novels or manga. I have a “Want to Read” list that is quite literally has over 20,000 books on it (no that is not an exaggeration). Let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll see what I can find!