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Teen Garden

The Not-So-Secret Garden is an urban garden project located behind the teen library. The teen staff and patrons work together in the spring and summer to plant, cultivate, and harvest produce. The produce is then donated to the local food bank and integrated into the teen cooking program series.


Arbor Day Tree Guide

Learn more about the trees that are around you.

Butler University Herbarium

A digital collection of plants from Indiana and around the world.

Cornell Ornithology

Find out more about the birds in your backyard.

DeKalb Master Gardeners

Learn more about this organization and what they do for the community.

Seed Savers Exchange

Save and share the seeds from your garden from others. We utilize seeds from Seed Savers Exchange in The Not-So-Secret Garden.

Are you interested in volunteering with The Not-So-Secret Garden? Contact us!

2011 Teen Garden

2012 Teen Garden