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Reading Clubs

Winter Reading Club 2014

Summer Reading Club 2013

January 6th to March 1st

2014 Winter Reading Club Tally Sheet

Keep track of the hours that you read or download from Eckhart Public Library and win prizes. For every five hours you read, you'll reach another prize level. Contact us for more information!

Level 1: Bookmark
Level 2: Candy Cane and Coupon Booklet          

Level 3: Book
Level 4: NCG Cinemas Gift Card
Level 5: Enter to win an gift card

You can only earn prizes 1-4 once, but you can be entered into the Amazon drawing as many times as you can!

May 29 to July 20th

2013 Summer Reading Club Tally Sheet

Keep track of the time you spend reading any items from Eckhart Public Library, and for every five hours, you'll reach a new prize level! Once you reach level five, you'll be entered in a drawing for a chance to win $50.00 from!
Books, magazines, graphic novels, eBooks, and audiobooks all qualify!

Be sure to check out some of our summer programs including: astronomy, graffiti, zombies, Iron Man, the teen garden, and Mike Mullin: Author of the Ashfall series!

Contact us from more information!