Eckhart Public Library

Apply for a Library Card

Click here for the library's full and official library card policy.

Residents and property owners in the city of Auburn and Union Township are eligible for library cards, for no additional charge. To apply for a library card, you must show a picture ID and proof of address. We accept the following documents: valid Indiana driver's license or state ID card, printed checks with current address, bank statement issued within the last 60 days, vehicle registration, current property tax statement, or current utility bill.  If you are under the age of 18, come with your parent or guardian.

Active cardholders at Butler Public Library and Garrett Public Library may borrow from Eckhart Public Library, and visa versa, through our reciprocal borrowing program. You must have a signed form from your home library in order to sign-up.

Those living outside of Eckhart Public Library's taxing district may purchase a subscription card annually. The cost of a subscription is based on how much funding the residents of the city of Auburn and Union Township pay per person to support the library through their property taxes. If you live in an unserved area and wish to have a portion of your tax dollars go towards funding the library, please consult your township trustee.

Subscription: $76.50
Family Subscription: $125.00

Over the summer, June through August, all students eligible to attend DeKalb Central Schools may purchase a card for $10.00. Those students who receive free and reduced lunches can purchase a summer card for $5.00.