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A Retrospective Watercolor Exhibit: The Artistic Life of Andrea VanHorne 1940-2000

Start Date: October 05, 2012 10:00 AM

End Date: October 05, 2012 8:00 PM

Location: Main - Close Community Room (Max 50 people)

Throughout her life Andrea VanHorne created many works of art. After her death in 2000, her husband, Grant VanHorne had her existing works catalogued. He commissioned his niece, Laura Freeze, to locate, document and organize nearly 200 pieces of art. During the month of October, over 40 of VanHorne's paintings will be exhibited.     

Andrea VanHorne graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis and Butler University in Indianapolis. She was a teacher in the DeKalb Central United School District for 20 years and taught art at Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne. VanHorne was known for her watercolors and exhibited them in many local and state art shows. In the 1990s, it was included in the Fort Wayne Museum Of Art rental program. She was an artist member of the Hoosier Salon and Artlink. Forty-five years ago, she was the driving force behind the Tri-Kappa Art Show, which still continues at the library as the Area Annual Art Show.    

In 1997, in memory of Doris Longden, Mrs. VanHorne produced and donated to the library her Stained Glass Window watercolor, which is located behind the information desk. Also, VanHorne created a series of smaller stained glass watercolors for all the major donors of the library expansion. As a valued friend of the library over the years, she conducted hour-long luncheon sessions on the arts. At the time of her death in 2000, her work was offered for sale at the Toledo Museum of Art. The library purchased her watercolor, Drifting, with donations in her memory. It hangs behind the circulation desk.

From 1960 to 2000, VanHorne taught, raised a family, was an active volunteer and created nearly 200 works of art. The library is honored to present this retrospective of this remarkable woman.  The exhibit will continue through the month of October.