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Eckhart Mobile Outreach Service

A flexible program capable of responding to the needs and improving the lives of its patrons.

EMOS Home Delivery is a free service provided by library staff and volunteers to people within Union township or Auburn city limits. Every two weeks, EMOS patrons receive a bag of Eckhart Public Library materials selected for them by library staff and volunteers based on their interests.

Applying for EMOS delivery is easy!

Who is eligible for this service?

Contact the EMOS Coordinator by phone or email:

260-925-2414 ext. 504

You will be asked to fill out a short survey about what kinds of materials you would like to receive from Eckhart Public Library. This form can be printed, filled out in its entirety, and given to the EMOS driver. It can also be mailed to:

Eckhart Public Library
603 S Jackson
Auburn, IN 46706

The EMOS Coordinator will then set up your delivery date, and a library staff member will begin selecting books for you. Within two weeks, you'll receive your first EMOS delivery!

Homebound Patrons

Individuals in the library service area who are unable to access the library for any of the following reasons: 

A significant physical impairment or disability (temporary or permanent)
Long-term illness or recovery from major surgery
Resident of a nursing home of assisted living facility

Childcare Providers

Individuals in the library service area who are day care providers or babysitters and cannot conveniently access the library to provide age-appropriate library materials for their clients. If a Child Care provider meets the criteria for Homebound Patrons and wants library materials for personal use, he or she must receive those materials separately from the Child Care Delivery.

Proxy Borrowers

Alternately, patrons may choose to designate an authorized proxy borrower, who may select library materials and check them out using the patron's card.

What are the circulation policies?

Can I request specific items?

All materials available for checkout at Eckhart Public Library are available for EMOS home delivery service, with the exception of new items. You may choose how many items you would like to receive.

Certain materials have checkout limits. Any patron is limited to checking out ten magazines, five DVDs, ten music CDs, ten audiobooks, and three software items at one time.

Items are checked out for four weeks at a time and may be renewed by calling the library, emailing the EMOS Coordinator, or giving a note to the EMOS delivery driver.

EMOS patrons may request items that are available at the library. Patrons may find what is available at the library by browsing the online library catalog.

To request specific items, contact the EMOS Coordinator at 260-925-2414 ext. 504 or

How are my materials selected?

When are my items delivered and picked up?

An Eckhart Public Library staff member will receive a short survey you fill out with your interests.

They staff member may also call you to discuss your likes and dislikes more in-depth. They will then select materials they believe you will enjoy. 

Every effort will be made to accommodate preferences; however, we cannot guarantee that all preferences will be met. 

Staff will also keep track of the titles that have been checked out for EMOS patrons previously. However, patrons may inadvertently receive titles that have already read.

You will be assigned Tuesday or Wednesday as a delivery and pick-up day, depending on when our EMOS volunteers will be in your area.

All EMOS information comes from our Eckhart Mobile Outreach Policy.